Fourth Wall Comedy Studio provides stand up comedy classes for comics of any skill level.

Classes are each 5 Weeks & conclude with a filmed show at Flappers Comedy Club.

Every week you will get stage time at the Fourth Wall Studio with a real mic, stage and lights.

  • Week 1 – Focuses on creating and defining comic voice and POV
  • Week 2 – Focuses on joke writing and structure
  • Week 3 – Focuses on deconstructing and refining the material from week 2.
  • Week 4 – Is putting it all together combining the work from week 1 with the material from weeks 2 & 3 to create a tight 5 for your show.
  • Week 5 – 5 Minute performance of your show.

$295 for 5 Weeks. 

For Enrollment, send your name to or call 818-853-7969. There is a new class every month.

About Classes

Can you really become a comedian in 5 weeks?? Absolutely. Will you become a great comedian in 5 weeks?? I can’t guarantee that but I can guarantee you will leave every session feeling motivated and inspired which for any artist is invaluable.

Training in stand up comedy is valuable for actors and non-actors alike. It looks good on a résumé and can help you become more comfortable and confident in your everyday life. So join our community, get out of your comfort zone, and let’s have fun together.

About the Instructor

Courses are led by Joe Manente, owner and Artistic Director of Fourth Wall. Joe has been performing on main stages all over the county for a decade and since 2016 has seen more stand-up comedy performed than any other person on earth. He will help you find your voice, avoid rookie mistakes, and give you a head start on your comic journey.